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Common passion and fascination motivate Us to create more and more efficient digital solution for business. Thanks to experience and full engegement, We can offer top notch consulting and development services. Professionalism and bright minds let Us always find an optimal solution for Our clients and friends.



We are focused on you and your product


We have proven experience in working with small business organizations and big corporations


The development team is fully dedicated to your project so they can fully focus on delivering your requirements.


You have constant access to the project's progress as we go. You are invited to use our tools, create reports and you will even receive team status.


Our code is written with best practices in mind and, thanks to external code review and Continuous Integration, it's always clear and consistent.


Our developers integrate code into a shared repository several times a day. Each check-in is verified by an automated build, allowing teams to detect problems early.


We love Scrum because we can quickly show you development results. You'll always feel like part of the project thanks to our certified Scrum Masters!



We share common values and that makes us a great team


Our goal is to be the very best. We constantly take up new challenges & develop ourselves.


We are aware that our work has an influence on other people’s work, so we keep to the commitments that we make.


We respect that everyone is different and might have his or her own opinion. We are not afraid of changes.


We’re a team and we operate like one - we listen, trust and help each other.

How we work

From the idea to the finished project

  • 01. Workshop

    Crystallize the vision, prepare necessary documentation and get a detailed estimation

  • 02. Wireframes

    Together with our UX Designers create visual guide that represents your app in form of clickable prototype

  • 03. Project Kickoff

    Get to know your team, choose tools you will use and start a mobile app development process

  • 04. Design

    Get designs that will fulfull your needs and make your users happy!

  • 05. Development & QA

    Be a part of the team, working on creating your app in quality-driven process using Scrum methodology

  • 06. App Maintenance

    Keep ypur app up to date, secure and stable at all times


What kind of project do you want to do with us?

Product Concept Design

Personans, User Flow, Product Canvas

Mobile & Web UX Design

Wireframes, Interactive Prototypes

Mobile & Web UI Design

Visual Design

Software Development

iOS, android, web

Design Process

This is how we design our apps

01 .

User Journey Map

A visualisation of the user flow through your app

02 .


Digital, smplifield, visual concepts of the future app

03 .

Clickable Prototype

A dynamic, interactive model of your app

04 .

Visual Design

User Interfaces (mockups) & Motion Design (animations)


Reasearch and Development

To stay competitive in a highly innovative IT industry, strong R&D departments and bold spin-off initiatives is a must.
GID Data Science and Software Architects teams help corporate clients to stay up to date with the modern business digitalization solutions.
Achieve up to 50% early-stage technological process development cost cutdown with science and R&D-driven investment strategy with GID's support.

Audit and Consulting

GID IT consulting service empowers Client's development teams with critical know-how for a rapid business software productivity boost. GID IT and business experts provide tailored insight aimed at immediate and global business operations ramp-up. GID, as an IT-for-business partner for leading companies in a variety of verticals, has excelled in productivity improvement by providing just the right tools, teamwork support, much-needed key-stakeholders- oriented visibility boosting and applying DevOps for delivery acceleration.


Custom Project Development

GID develops Clients’ custom projects - you envision it, our IT engineers & business experts make it happen - for your business goals’ achievement. We take over the ownership of the whole digital product, offering you a flexible custom project development. Our thorough process covers all the phases of digital design and development: from the conceptualization phase through frontend and backend, up to product roll-out, together with marketing processes coordination, and regular maintenance and/or continuous support. Any GID custom project development begins with a detailed audit, outlining the key business goals and technical requirements. With dedicated custom project development teams, comprising of experts in various fields, GID always matches the project's uniqueness.


SaaS Web Applications

Web Applications


Custom APIs

Backed & Webservices



Mobile App


BIG Data and Data Science

GID provides expert consulting and comprehensive Big Data PoC & project development, making Client's market success possible. Dedicated teams lead by experts with a scientific approach towards Data Science sharpen group focus and ensure immediate software responsiveness.

Cloud Computing

GID Could services - for full, interruption-free access to any software tools you need. In our Cloud service, we embrace state-of-the-art technologies to meet the modern software development standard paradigm and ensure Clients' needs are met smoothly, within the single service.


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